• Harbor Technologies is a composite manufacturer specializing in the infrastructure market.

About Harbor Technologies

The current cost of maintaining and repairing steel, timber and concrete structures is creating an ever growing need for long-lasting and environmentally friendly composite solutions.

Harbor Tech: A Division of Kenway Corporation manufactures cost competitive products that solve these problems by using composites and innovative process technology. Our products are primarily used for marine infrastructure construction, providing the basic framework for building piers, ports, harbors, marinas and bridges.

Composites are the future building material of choice because they offer a number of advantages over traditional marine construction materials (wood, steel, concrete) due to several performance and cost factors. Composites are continuously gaining market share because of their superior performance in the marine environment.

  • Composites offer:
  • Organic deterioration resistance (rotting)
  • Corrosion resistance (will not rust)
  • Lightweight yet enormously durable
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Environmentally safe products

Our products allow for fast construction methods and long lasting solutions that will outperform conventional construction systems in both cost and longevity.


Coast Guard Cutter Esconaba on HarborCamels.